G.S. Eli has been practicing spiritual coaching and intuitive readings for over two decades.

He studied the attributes of his spirit and enhanced his intuition through his deep, traditional, Romani roots, and strict culture. Later in life, he studied to become a film-maker, and has made several successful documentaries that screened all over the world.

Recently, he has been practicing spiritual coaching and intuitive readings at Namaste in Greenwich, and Clairvoyant Consultant in Westport. He can also be heard from time to time on our own WEBE 108. George has also become a well-respected activist and speaker. He has been featured on NPR and Tucker Carlson, and has lectured at various universities across the country.

Clairvoyant Consultant at 60 Main Street, Westport, CT 06880.

A unique wellness center nestled in Westport Center, conveniently located above the Blue Mercury. From intimate readings, chakra cleansing, or to pick up that spiritual gift, the Clairvoyant Consultant of Westport can have you on your path to enlightenment. Walk-ins are welcome on the weekends, and appointments are necessary for extensive readings.

Coming Soon: We are also taking appointments for clients searching for yoga masters, Reiki instructors, and nutritionists. All can be found at Clairvoyant Consultant & Wellness.

Spiritual Gifts

• Candles
• Sage & Incense
• Spiritual Bracelets
• Dream Catchers
• Singing Bowls
• Enlightening Books & DVDs
• & Much More