Recently, he has been practicing spiritual coaching and intuitive readings at Namaste in Greenwich, and Clairvoyant Consultant in Westport. He can also be heard from time to time on our own WEBE 108. George has also become a well-respected activist and speaker. He has been featured on NPR and Tucker Carlson, and has lectured at various universities across the country.

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George Eli Was Invited to be on Fox News Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson invited George Eli onto his program this past Monday to speak about the recent influx of Roma immigrants to the town of California, PA, and the reaction of the residents, including unsubstantiated claims of public defecation and public removal of chicken heads. The attempt to smear the Roma people failed, as George called Tucker’s bluff, resulting in the inability of the Fox News staff to provide any evidence of these claims. However, we as Americans must understand that these Roma are asylum seekers, who have fled rural Romania due to institutional racism, police brutality, and severe workforce discrimination which has created inhumane conditions. The Roma of California, PA have been participating in the recent Alternatives to Immigration Detention Program, which houses non-criminal asylum seekers instead of detaining them, saving $2 billion for American taxpayers annually. Surprisingly, Tucker failed to bring up this very important fact, along with any first-hand accounts from the residents, and their overwhelmingly positive encounters between the new immigrants.

American Gypsies Blening into US Culture

“Most of the Americans I have met don’t know much about the Romani people,” she says. “They know about Gypsy, but not as a real ethnic group, real people. They see it more like a Halloween costume, a role that you play once a year.”

Roma History and Family: Searching for the 4th Nail

“While Eli does not deny the existence of anti-Roma prejudice, he is also critical of some Roma preconceptions, particular the notion that education is only for the Gadjie (non-Roma).”  – j.b. spins

Unlocking The Secrets Of The Roma

Traditionally, Roma (Gypsies) do not become filmmakers. George Eli did not know the origin of this cultural restriction. He obeyed it anyway. “Gypsies have these traditions. Nobody knows where they came from, and they honor them,” Eli says. “Gypsies’ worst enemies are Gypsies. They don’t research why they don’t become filmmakers or don’t do anything else that isn’t allowed. I didn’t research. I was a victim and a predator.”  – Susan Dune

Searching for the Fourth Nail

“A FILM BY American Romani filmmaker George Eli looks at the real lives of Romani people in modern day America, against the backdrop of the age-old Gypsy stereotypes which continue to make them so misunderstood”. –  Damian Le Bas

The Traveling Gypsy Trailer

Thanks to the Romani tradition of hospitality our host, George Eli, is able to travel the world staying with a different Roma (Gypsy) family or individual in each episode. The host and his new friends explore the city finding mouthwatering cuisine, bargain shopping, and exciting ​night life. We go well off the beaten path of the typical tourists and unlock secrets known only to each city’s Roma (Gypsies).

'Sing It Romanes' Fundraising Concert a success for Romani nonprofits

“Sing it Romanes” took the audience on a musical journey through the history of the Romani people, depicting the struggles and hardship they encountered in the face of persecution while celebrating their culture, accomplishments, and perseverance.

"Sing It Romanes"

A dais of talented Romani musicians and performers will tell the epic story of their history, from their first arrival in Europe to their survival in the Holocaust, and their ongoing struggle for inclusion. Throughout and artistic musical events, we can both educate and entertain, because we believe that “art speaks to the soul in a way nothing else can”. 

George Eli to present “Gypsies on Film: Roma Media Initiative”

George Eli (Romani filmmaker) will present “Gypsies on Film: Roma Media Initiative” on Monday, March 6th at 2 PM in 360 Condon Hall. This event is sponsored by the Oregon Humanities Center and Department of Anthropology.