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1 hour in depth clairvoyant reading

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This reading combines the illustrations of the tarot with the careful analysis of energy and emotion by the psychic. A combination reading explores both your conscious and subconscious mind. It is the best way to gain the personal insights you seek in a short time frame. The combination reading also comes with an evaluation of were you are on my 5 finger scale. The five finger scale is a reading unique to the clairvoyant consultant. 

A five finger reading can tell you where your strengths and weaknesses lie in the life elements of spirituality, health and well being, romance, livelihood, and loved ones.

This reading comes with a free consultation for ongoing life coaching services.


Expect 30 to 45 minutes.

The tarot reading is a fascinating exploration of your life told through the illustrations of the world famous tarot deck. Many people describe it as taking a train ride through your life.   Price: $90

Time varies slightly depending on the age of the client and questions asked.


Expect 45 minutes or more.

Appointment recommended.

Time varies depending on age and questions. 

This reading is an intimate one on one conversation in which a clairvoyant can read emotion and energy to reveal hidden truths. The psychic reading takes you on a wondrous journey through your past, present and future and can even pick up on subconscious emotions and insights and bring them to light in your conscious mind.


DREAM INTERPRETATION  (Price available upon request.)

Expected 90 min.

Appointment necessary

An interpretation requires two reading sessions as well as a phone consultation prior to falling asleep. Have you ever had de ja vu? We believe that the lingering feeling that you are reliving something you've experienced before is not just your mind playing tricks. Many spiritualists believe dreams can reveal the future and de ja vu is a subconscious memory of past revelations. 

Through proper dream interpretation you can learn the deeper meaning behind your dreams. This is an ancient practice dating back to the Magi, or “Wise Men” of the East. This is a deep interpretation of one’s dreams. People often find themselves lost and distraught without knowing why. Only one’s core can determine what is the real problem and more importantly the solution. I believe that dreams are the soul's way of bringing divine spiritual messages to our conscious mind.


Price available upon request.

Requires 45 minutes to 1 hour for a single guided meditation session.

Appointment necessary.

Meditation is scientifically proven to calm a person physically and mentally. Meditation is a highly recommended practice not just in religion and spirituality but also in general health and wellness. In spite of it’s glowing reputation many people struggle to achieve effective meditation. A spiritual guide is often the key to mastering this powerful and life changing discipline.


In addition the Clairvoyant Consultant offers spiritual training and life coaching to help you use your new found enlightenment to the best of your abilities.


Guided meditation comes with a free consultation for ongoing life coaching services.

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